Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vintage Steiff ~ Bears and Toys

I heard about a new Antique Market last weekend and was excited to visit for the first time. I was dreaming of finding a big'ol Steiff Bear for cheap (don't we all!). Well, I laughed to myself when I did indeed find him. You get what you ask for I guess. Next time I will have to project more specific details to "the Universe" . . . . like mohair !

He is a lovely Antique Steiff Bear and probably a generous size too. Looks like he might be about 20 inches standing. The only thing is . . . he's a tin sign. I did buy him though, for cheap : )

I have decided to thin out my collection of Steiff bunny rabbits. Then I'll have some spending money when I find my MOHAIR Steiff Bear, lol. I have listed these cuties in my Old Soul Bears Etsy shop. You can view them here .


Brenda said...

Hi Karen,
You know I love your rabbits! Wish I had some spending money.


Brenda said...
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