Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Sentimental Christmas Gift ~ 2008

This is a lovely photo of Marian Earle . . . taken about 75 years ago. Marian passed away last summer at the age of 96. Her family misses her dearly, especially her daughter Dianne. I was asked to make a Teddy Bear from Marian's Mink Stole, as a special Christmas Gift for Dianne.

Here is a before picture of Marian's Coat

The Bear started to take shape nicely.

I was hoping for a very sweet teddy bear.

I wanted her to be very feminine and pretty. I gave her an Irish Crochet Collar and a silk bow (from the lining of the coat).

I added a purple velvet flower ~ Vintage Millinery and gave her pretty light green eyes.

I sewed the label from within the coat to the back of the silk bow.

Ms. Bear had a quick photo shoot before I mailed her ~ the package arrived on Christmas Eve.

She was certainly a surprise and her arrival was a very emotional moment.

Her new home is on top of Marian's Memory Box in Dianne's bedroom. She is the first thing Dianne see's every morning when she wakes up.

I am happy Teddy made it to her new home for Christmas : )