Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our new kitten !

Best Wishes to everyone for 2010 ~ Happy New Year !
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We have a special addition to our family this Christmas ~ Isn't she adorable ! We adopted her from the Humane Society on December 19th. She was thrilled to be out of the shelter and into her forever home for Christmas.


The White Bench said...

Her blue moon eyes are amazing! Sooooo sweet!
Happy New Year Karen!

Bramblewood Bears said...

Your new addition is just beautiful...she looks so happy to have a home! I just adore your blog and bears and have awarded you a blog award. You can pick it up here:

Happy New Year!

Bear Hugs and Blessings,
Bramblewood Bears said...

Hello Karen, guess who now has a blog? I love yours..

Happy New Year.


KristiKringle said...

This is a beautiful cat. It looks like a "Showshoe" breed to me. :) (1/2 Siamese & 1/2 American shorthair- distinguished by their blue eyes and dark masks and white feet etc.) I have a funny Snowshoe named Kisses that we also rescued. :) I also like your bears. Some of your old ones just have the sweetest faces.