Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Bear ~ Wesley

This little guy is 8 inches tall. He is made from German mohair and has worn out boot button eyes. I thought about making him into a clown bear but he just wasn't into the whole clown hat thing. He says he is too small for a big hat . . . so he won that battle, LOL. Funny how they get to decide !

He was OK with the rusty bells on his lace collar though.

His mohair has been distressed for an old bear look and I have squished his excelsior stuffing to give him a bit of a belly.

He has been listed in my Etsy shop


Lynn said...

Ohhhhhh Karen, your Wesley is just sooo handsome :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen! I left you a blog award, come pick it up...hugs, Jennifer

"bear's house" said...

Hello KAREN I'm NI (by NIVES) from Italy!!! How are you?...YOUR BLOGS ARE F A N T S T I C!!!!REALLY EXCITING!!!KISSES...a soon...(have you a "follow"?..Please let my know!!!)THANKS, NI

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Thank you Lynn :)

Thank you Jennifer for the blog award!

Hello Nives! Yes I will try and add the "Follow" link right away. Thank you for stopping by to visit me. Hope all is will in Italy :)

~ Karen

Jann said...

He's just beautiful!