Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Almost Done ~ 1940s Panda Bear

Hi Mom ~ Susan (Lemon Wolf Bears), I know you miss me a lot. I miss you too. I am feeling much better now. My eyes have been secured. My ears had a few extra stitches here and there, to make them stand up nice and straight. My smile has been fixed and my little red mouth is much more visible now. My fur has been cleaned twice and I am told it needs a bit more work.

I have a vintage red ribbon which I can keep (it will be cut to size soon) and a plaid blanket to keep me comfortable while I am visiting. I really like my blanket, so maybe she will let me keep it : ) I have been told I will get a plaid bow soon. The lady looking after me is hoping to buy some more vintage ribbon at a local auction. I hear she likes to shop there a lot, LOL. Bye for now, xoxox


Anonymous said...

Hi Pandy! You are looking most wonderful!
Karen, You have done a great job, Thank-you sooo much! I didn't even expect he could look so good! My Dad is going to be amazed! It will be like giving him back a bit of his childhood! I will for sure reccomend you to anyone looking for Teddy Restoration! You should be very proud! Hugs, Susan.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

This is THE bear I was describing to my son that I got attached to when I was small. When I told Mama recently that that was my bear, she told me NO, it was my brother's before me! AAAAAGGGHH!