Monday, May 12, 2008

Steiff Clown Bear ~ Before and After

I had the pleasure of owning this 1920's Steiff Clown bear for two years. He has now moved on to join another Hug. He will always be one of my favorite restorations.

It took quite a long time to get his mohair clean. It eventually went from grey to cream.
He really fluffed up too.
He was quite dirty and dusty when I received him.
Almost 100 years of dust certainly does show.
Glass cabinets keep Bears happy.

Before Picture


Susie said...

What a wonderful job you did, he looks one happy bear now!

Carol said...

I'm impressed by your work you are magician!

The Rose Cottage said...

OOOOhhhhhhh Karen, I love all your bears, I have loved bears all my life LOL. I had one from when I was born, a long time ago and I tried to wash him, he fell apart, the fabric just almost melted :(
I have Boyds plush bears and some Bearington Bears, and one Steiff but it is a childs bear given to me as a gift. I am keeping it for when I have a grandchild some day, just hope my daughter appreciates it by then.
You do wonderful work, it surely is a labor of love:)

Karen said...

Thank you! I find a surface "bath" is best. As long as the mohair is firmly attached to begin with, you should be able to surface clean the fur (try not to get the fabric backing of the mohair wet).

I just do a small area at a time with a white facecloth and then move on to the next spot. I wait until it is completely dry before trying again. Slow and steady works. It is a labour of love.

I also hope my children will appreciate old bears when they grow up.


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I'm always amazed when I see some thing old and dirty, brought back to life again. What a beautiful job you did on this adorable bear!
Patricia :o)

Michele said...

how can I remove the odor from steiff teddy bears. it's not mildew, just the small of living in a cardboard box, not played with for years. I'd like to sell my collection and want to get them ready.
thank you

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I want to hug him!

SteiffGal said...

He is perfect in every way. Must have been very hard to move him along. But his new owner is so fortunate!